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Worksite Foam Boot/Shoe Insole

by Worksite

Work Site Insoles; Moulded Support  

Work site moulded sport insoles are hard wearing boot insoles with foot support for extra comfort. Rubber soles for shock absorption and hard wearing support, great for workboots and those who are on their feet all day.

Who should wear Work Site Moulded Support insoles?  

Work Site Moulded support insoles can be used for the following;

- To replace the removable insole from your work boots or shoes  
- Specifically designed for heavy duty and work footwear
- Support the foot with an anatomically shaped footbed to compliment the curvature of the foot  

Further Information  

- Micro cell shock footbed to absorb shock and ease pressure on joints and ligaments
- Extremely durable for long last wear and support