Buckler Boots BBZ6000BL Safety Neoprene Buckbootz - Blue

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Buckler BBZ6000BL Safety Buckbootz is one of the most recognisable safety Wellington in the UK and Northern Europe colour Blue with Orange Trim and the first ever EN S5 standard boot with the trademark blue/orange colour, Buckbootz take on demanding working environments across the country, the outstanding safety wellington boot of this or any other generation.

BBZ6000BL Buckler Buckbootz safety neoprene/rubber waterproof manufactured with a structured Aerospencer honeycomb breathable linings with detachable cushion insoles plus the distinctive safety flash down the side and the hi-viz lining that can be rolled down the leg for increased safety. This size 5 Buckbootz Safety Wellington comes with Cold Insulation Certification (CI) allowing them to be used with comfort down to temperatures of -17 degrees C (+/- 2 degrees C) for a minimum period of 30 minutes.

This range of Buckler Safety Wellingtons benefits from a lightweight cleated rubber outsoles that are slip resistant certified to the maximum SRC standard ensuring that safety and comfort are never compromised when wearing Buckler Boots

S5 HRO CI SRC Buckler Buckbootz SafetyRating :- Toe protection tested with 200jls impact and 15kN compression force, fuel oil resistant outsole, antistatic electrical resistance between 100kohms and 1000kohms, penetration resistant outsole of 1100 newtons, heel energy absorption 20 joules, HRO heat resistant to 300 degrees C for 60 seconds, SRA tested on ceramic tile wetted with diluted soap solution, SRB tested on smooth steel with glycerol, CI Cold Insulation Certification (CI) to -17 degrees C, WRU water resistan

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