PPE stands for personal protective equipment.

PPE includes items such as Facemasks, safety helmets, gloves, eye protection and high-visibility clothing - all these PPE items are wearable and designed to keep people safe.

Why is PPE so important?

Personal protective equipment helps reduce the risk of people from coming into harm in the workplace or during any activity.

Some key workers like NHS staff are wearing PPE, such as facemasks, face visors, disposable gloves, aprons, hair nets, overshoes and gowns.

PPE is so important because these items help to stop the spread of coronavirus - if they are used in the correct way it can certainly help save lives.

Personal protective equipment stops people coming into contact with tiny amounts of the virus or other bacteria in the air when people cough or sneeze, items of disposable clothing such as nitrile gloves can also protect against residue on skin or surfaces that may be contaminated. 

These products likewise diminish the danger of giving the infection to another by covering the mouth, nose and hands.

We have a full range of PPE that is approved for use by the Government. If you are a key worker or if you are returning to work and require a decent level of protection to help you minimise the risk of contracting any illness then please call us today. You can buy items directly off our website where we have added a selection of the most popular products to keep you safe. 

If you are an employer and require PPE to provide a safer working environment please call us to discuss the different options we have for you, from Social Distancing Vests, Hand Sanitiser and facemasks. If you are a Government body such as a Local Council or the NHS, we are already set up with most Trusts so supplies can quickly be dispatched to you.