Hygienic Hand Gel Sanitiser with 70% Alcohol - which helps to kill viruses fast

Protect yourself and keep your hands clean and sanitised with this very hygienic 70% Alcohol hand sanitiser gel infused with Aloe Vera. Our Hand Sanitiser comes in an easy to pour bottle and will quickly disinfect your hands as protection against COVID-19 viruses, pathogens and bacteria. The product is ready for use and has a convenient easy open lid for dispensing.  This 500ml bottle is ideal for any desk, counter, sink or vehicle and easy to apply anywhere. 

Apply enough gel to the palm of your dry hands and work it into your hands until completely dry. Do not rinse , don't forget the spaces between the fingers and fingertips. Due to the high alcohol content your hands are completely disinfected. Please keep out of direct sunlight.

The Portwest Sanitising wipes are ideal for killing 99.99% of most common germs and bacteria and ensuring that your work space is clean and safe to use. Ideal for using to clean a variety of surfaces around the house these wipes come in a handy dispensing bag which is easy to move around with. We also offer the handy sanitising wipes in a bucket of 150 wipes with a quick pull dispenser.

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