Making branded uniform and clothing with a difference, from SE Workwear, Oxfordshire.

Making branded clothing is not always as straight forward as you think. In some cases we get requests for something a little bit different and one of our regular orders is to make a bespoke hooded sweatshirt for our client Uzin.
When we were first presented with this concept it was nearly 10 years ago and the specification was to produce hand stitched lettering, stitched on by hand across the chest of the hoodie, multiple embroidered logos and printing down the sleeve, this was really a very bespoke product. The custom designed hooded sweatshirt was to be a two tone design in a navy blue with a grey contrast interior. It had to have the feel and quality of a hoodie produced by a brand such as Hollister or Abercrombe and Fitch. The process started, as with all designs, with paper and pencil and eventually a final digital design was approved and commissioned for us to produce the first physical sample. 

Each letter is produced in multiple batches across 20 embroidery heads with large format embroidery frames. For a batch run of 200 hoodies this means that this particular design has 800 letters to be run and hand cut, then applied to the hoodies. The embroidered logos are applied directly to the hooded tops in addition to the printed design that is applied to the sleeve. The final process is that each item is tagged, bagged and labelled before being despatched.
Production of these sorts of goods would be truly difficult to produce if we outsourced various components of this process and that is why we continue to invest in our production plant, machinery and staff. The end result is a fantastic product that we are proud to say was produced by our company from start to finish. We have produced products like this multiple times over the years and each time the concept may change slightly to suit our clients requirements and it is an absolute pleasure to see that our client comes back time and time again. 

A few years ago we produced a batch of 1000 of these particular hoodies and we produced 4000 hand cut, stitched letters applied, picked and packed on time.
Over the years we have grown as a company and expanded to undertake more and more bespoke products, trying to think outside the box and give our customers a truly unique product that is different to what some may say is off the shelf. Due to the new increased capacity and production plant now based in Abingdon, we regularly undertake jobs in their thousands and have just completed a batch of 5000 printed and embroidered garments.

If you have a requirement for custom made clothing, printed or branded with your own logo or design then give us a call and our sales team will be more than happy to discuss the requirements and see if the concept is something that we can produce. More often than not there are quite simple work rounds to achieve the same results in a cost effective way.

This hoodie is a special item and requires some pretty technical skills to produce.

SE Workwear is located in the centre of Abingdon, Oxfordshire and is easily accessable to from the A34, M4, M40, with all major bus routes from Oxford, Witney, Didcot, Milton Park, Drayton, Radley Train Station and North Oxfordshire towns