V12 - Puma Safety Boot.

Published on 12 May 2017


This is my review of the brand new V12 Puma safety boot. VR602.01, for me one of the Best Safety boot son the market This boot is the second edition of the Puma and is even more stylish than its bestselling predecessor. If you have never worn a pair of V12 boots let me assure you these boots are amazing, the work that goes into a pair of these boots is second to none. I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to V12 on a few occasions to see their showroom and to get some insider info on what is coming, sorry all top secret though! This beautiful Boot has been redesigned from the sole up and now sits on the brand new IGS sole unit - this stands for the Intelligent Grip System. The sole is rubber, making it one of the safest products to have on your feet to limit the possibility of slipping up. The sole is rated at SRC and has a hexagon pattern that allows the water to be dispersed out of the sole and thus reducing water being trapped between the sole and the floor. It also gives you high traction on almost any surface. The 7-degree angle on the front and rear of the boot help in the reduction of slipping when you are walking too. Finally, this boot carries a Fire-fighters approved ladder grip. You know that when you are up a ladder you want to be as safe as possible and these features just give you more protection. The top of the boot is made from honey nubuck leather and the quality grain of the leather is thick and strong. I love the style of the low back, giving you less restriction when you are driving and bending down. The fully composite sole and toe cap protection also reduce the weight of the boot. The heel on the sole unit has a spring system inside working to reduce stress on your feet and legs after a long day working. The inside of this quality boot is highly breathable and moisture reducing due to the clever feature of the air pump system in the insole - this circulates the air through the base of the insole. It has a great size range from 3-13 and is a nice wide fit due to the use of the composite cap. Of course, there are many other features such as anti-static, heat resistance to 300 degrees, protection against hydro carbons and it’s water proof S3 rated as well! Although I could continue to talk about the features I will just say, if you want a brilliant boot and you have around £50-£60 to spend you would have to be mad not to try these. I love them! This boot is also available in Black and Brown but in these colours is called the Bison - so check out the reviews on these products! Specification EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRC
To purchase: https://bit.ly/2MLGd7l


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