Dickies - GDT Premium Trousers WD4901

Here is my review on the latest pair of trousers from Dickies. These Dickies GDT Premium trouser WD4901 are a fantastic pair of trousers. It is so hard these days to find a pair of nearly 100% cotton work trousers and these in my opinion tick so many boxes. The style and cut is beautiful as is the fit. The selection of pockets are great too plus there is a top loading knee pad and pockets in the legs for all your tools, phone and wallet. The fabric is light to wear - so many 100% cotton trousers are clumpy and heavy. These are just wicked. The waist band is adjustable also, so handy for Monday morning after a heavy weekend !! There is no exposed metal on the trousers and no nail pockets but has a large trinket pocket for your £50 notes if you are a sparky!!! Nice reflective detailing to give a degree of reflective on the legs. Excellent quality finish also of the trousers, plenty of strength bar stitching and the leg shape is straight and not a skinny fit. You boys sure nailed it - top quality job!!


Purchase: https://bit.ly/2KjXD9K


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